Increase efficiency and improve performance

Nextt Interim Management meets the need for interim and crisis management, regardless of whether the situation is planned or requires immediate attention.
• General management
• Project management
• Change management

We are engaged in all branches of industry, except public administration, throughout Denmark and and abroad.

Many companies focus on adaptation while promoting efficiency and development initiatives in response to the growing competition on the global market, where customers constantly make greater demands and seek more influence.

This means that the company management needs to make greater efforts to meet strategic and operational requirements. Dealing with unexpected business opportunities, implementing new projects, managing change projects and filling a management gap are essential factors in achieving the intended results.

This is where our carefully selected and prequalified Interim Managers can contribute to increased efficiency and improved economic performance.
The cooperation across Nextt offers unique opportunities to draw on solid experience and professional competences within Interim, Consulting and Recruitment. Based on our extensive international network – Senior Management Worldwide – Nextt is capable of providing services across national borders.

Core Values

We make constant efforts to implement our core values in everything we do.
We are personally committed to understanding and listening to our clients, but we also ask critical questions. We do not compromise on our loyalty in relation to the tasks we perform.

We make high demands on ourselves and our services. We constantly seek to develop ourselves as well as our working methods and concepts. Our services are based on extensive personal experience and expertise.

We want to build relations with you to ensure a long-term partnership. This is realised through openness, honesty, mutual respect and fairness.

Value creation
Our success is ultimately linked to your success. Therefore, will go to great lengths to provide our clients with the proper value-creating solution.

Our long-term objective is to be the partner of choice for our clients within Nextt Management’s focus areas. Nextt Management should be the obvious choice – based on our expertise and insight as well as our ability to provide best-in-class solutions guaranteeing the success of our clients. We must act as a guarantor of quality and credibility, and our consultants/executives must demonstrate commitment and professionalism, ranking among the best. Our aim, however, is not to provide business services in areas where we lack specialist knowledge. Therefore, we focus our attention on areas in which we have the necessary expertise to fulfil our vision.

What is SeniorManagementWorldwide?

In today’s global corporate marketplace, it is imperative to have rapid access to the best available senior management talent. We are proud to be a member of Senior Management Worldwide (‘SMW’), which is an international group of like minded, specialist interim management providers operating in partnership under common principles and standards of excellence. Today SMW offers the strongest and deepest network of top flight interim executives available anywhere in the world, genuinely giving our clients global reach. The members of SMW have additional associated relationships with interim executive resourcing businesses in other countries. The number of interim executives now available totals more than 50,000 individuals.