Interim Management


Interim Management is the perfect solution for businesses that lack the necessary competencies needed to implement a large strategic project, a process of change, turnaround, manage a leadership vaccum or a company experiencing fast growth.

Interim Management is built on mutual trust

Interim Management is built on trust. With a minium of formalities and obligations, Nextt Management can quickly and efficiently bring an experienced interim manager into your business. Nextt Management has an approach which is built on mutual trust, an in-depth understanding of your business challenges and is based on transparent contractual basis. Our interim managers are experienced leaders who have the capacity to take on the assigned task, solve it and implement changes that will create positive results for your business.

A high degree of flexibility

In cooperation, we offer a quick assessment of your challenges, a good and fast analysis, the recruitment of the right manager, a solution to your immediate challenges, all which are undertaken on a flexible basis, thus securing the future of your business.

Interim Management can be of an advantage for both small and large businesses, since it is both cost effective, result oriented and marks itself by a high degree of flexibility.

What does Interim Management mean?

The benefits of Interim Management

There are many advantages of hiring an interim manager into your business. Most importantly, the focus of the interim manager’s success depends on whether the assignment is handled satisfactorily. You have an assignment that has to be solved successfully, and that is the end goal for both Nextt Management and the interim manager. In addition, both the assessment and hiring process is substantially faster than conventional recruitment-thus signifcantly more cost effective.

Hiring an interim manager provides you with options in flexible employment discussions, possibility of extension of contract or even if desired a permanent position as an option.

Read more about why Interim Management can be a good solution for your business.

Where can an interim manager make a difference?

Many businesses focus on adaptation, while at the same time ensuring that they become more agile to meet the growing competition from the global market, where the consumer demands more and seeks greater influence.

This challenge puts great demands on the company’s resource management-both strategic and operational.

To achieve the required target, it is essential for businesses to be able to handle an unexpected business opportunity, implement new projects, manage change and fill a leadership void. An interim manager is particularly action oriented and executive in his/her leadership, thus ensuring execution and progress.

It is in these situations; our carefully selected and pre-qualified interim managers can help make a substantial difference to the business.

What type of assignments can an interim manager solve?

An interim manager is hired only to solve the assignment you need help with. There are no restrictions as to what types of management assignments an interim manager can solve. The hiring will only depend on what type of challenge your business is facing, and our service is tailored to your specific needs.

We solve typically management tasks within:

  • Change Management
  • Growth Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Temporary Management
  • Project Management
  • Special Projects

Is your business facing a specific challenge that needs to be solved, where a manger’s expertise or resources are needed? Then we advise you to reach out to us, so we through cooperation can find the right opportunities for your business.

Interim Management through Nextt Management

Speed > Flexibility > Quality 

Nextt Management understands that speed and time are two important parameters when you are missing a key person or resource in your business. Therefore, we guarantee that we will have the right candidate for your business within a maximum of 10 weekdays.

Our process is fast and efficient, our contracts are flexible, and it is our expertise to understand your business and your challenges. This is what brings us to find the right candidate for you business.

As a client at Nextt Management, we ensure the following:

  • Within 24 hours, Nextt Management will have an experienced partner available to consult with you regarding the assignment
  • Within a maximum of 10 days, you can have the right interim manager in place in your business
  • Nextt Management provides its services at a transparent and competitive price
  • All assignments that go through Nextt Management remain confidential
  • Nextt Management provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee

The Interim Management value proposition

There are several factors that make the interim management offering increasingly popular and cost-effective to client organisations. These factors are characterised as a ‘value proposition’ that interim managers offer to their clients.

Although there is some variation at the margins of interim management (with temporary workers, freelancers, contractors and consultants) the following factors are typical of the interim management value proposition:

  • Interim managers can be in place within days as opposed to weeks or months, which is essential when time constraints are paramount. Being practiced in engaging promptly with the situation, they become effective quickly upon joining a client organisation. Because of their experience and expertise, interim managers also conduct and complete assignments effectively and with due speed.
  • Interim managers typically operate at a senior level in the client organisation, often being sensibly over-qualified for the roles they take on. They often bring skills and knowledge not otherwise in place, to address a specific skills gap or problem. Their experience and expertise enables them to be productive and make a noticeable impact from the outset, maximising the likelihood of success.
  • Unencumbered by company politics or culture, interim managers provide a fresh perspective and are able to concentrate on what’s best for the business. Being independent operators, they are able to contribute honestly without constituting a threat to the incumbent management team. Not being part of a larger business they are not pressured to unnecessarily extend their assignment.
  • Rather than taking on a purely advisory role, interim managers are managers responsible managing a particular business or project. They are accountable for results.
  • Operating at or near board-level gives interim managers the authority and credibility to effect significant change or transition within a company. Unlike a ‘temp’, they’re not just there to ‘hold the fort’. They actively add value to the client organisation as a result of their expertise and approach, even when the work and the decisions to be made are difficult.
  • Interim managers add value by using their skills and expertise to help deliver an outcome, solution, service or mitigate risk that provides a meaningful ‘return on investment’ to a client. Interim managers are paid on the understanding of goals and objectives being performed and delivered, and not simply on the basis of attendance.
  • Interim managers maintain high professional standards because their future work relies upon referrals and a successful track record. They therefore have a stake in the success of the assignments that they undertake. This contrasts favourably with other ‘temporary workers’ who may also be seeking permanent employment or simply motivated by a day rate or extending their tenure.
  • Interim managers are available to work on a fractional or part-time basis. Especially in smaller organizations their skills may only be required for one or two days per week. The Fractional Executive saves companies money as they only pay for what they need.

International interim collaborations

Nextt Management collaborates with leading international Interim Management businesses. This provides us with unique opportunties to have operational talents far beyond our own borders, and the opportunity to draw on many years of experience and professional skills from our partners in Senior Management Worldwide.

If your business is faced with a specific challenge, then do not hesitate to contact us. We always offer an informal meeting where we discuss the possibilities of how you can leverage Interim Management to your advantage. Contact us here: