Nordic interim solutions

We are a group of collaborating Interim Executive Management companies that offer management solutions across Nordic, based on our personal inter-Nordic understanding.

Interim Management solutions across Nordic

Nextt Management helps organizations successfully address challenges and find solutions in times of increasing ambiguity and uncertainty. As a leading Interim Management firm, our business is based on our interim manager’s ability to quickly and accurately understand very complex situations. They are therefore able to devise practical and effective solutions at a speed that often surprises our customers.

Nordic knowledge and expertise

We pride ourself in our local Nordic knowledge and expertise and work with thousands of pre-selected Nordic experts who are equipped at solving customer business challenges, regardless of the Nordic location or circumstances of the challenge.

We are proud to say that we have a close knitted collaboration with our Nordic neighbors in Norway and Sweden, which allows us to further meet the local needs of Nordic businesses. By sharing common Nordic values and standards of excellence, we are able to provide Nordic solutions and expertise through a level of transparency, mutual respect, honesty and fairness with both our clients and candidates.

Through a Nordic collaboration, we are able to deliver highly personalized service and solutions, resulting in the long-term benefit of clients and candidates alike. No matter what challenge your business faces, our collaboration with the respective Interim Management firms in Norway and Sweden allows us to assist your Nordic company in identifying, attracting and hiring top Nordic interim managers to maximize your profitability.

From C level to operational level, we support you in achieving your strategic business goals

Our common values

  • Adhere to industry ethics
  • Delivery of selected and qualified candidates
  • Compliance
  • Transparent contract terms
  • Personal and reliable delivery process
  • Follow-up and customer satisfaction

If you are looking for solutions adjusted for the Nordic market, where expertise and efficiency is needed, then we are available 24/7