Interim CFO with stamina and social skills

Several in my network recommends Nextt Management – and my research confirms that they are the right interim provider to us.


The Situation

We found ourselves in a challenging situation, urgently needing an experienced, professional CFO with the stamina and social skills to take on a multifaceted position within accounting and controlling. Our interim CFO should among others:

  • Finalize annual accounts for 2022
  • Manage, support and develop three teams within accounting and controlling
  • Prioritize tasks, jobs, and projects
  • Establish general reporting standards and processes
  • Report to the Swedish group, abiding by the rules governing a listed company
  • Handle complex stakeholder management within a Nordic organization

Several in my network recommends Nextt Management – and my research confirms that they are the right interim provider to us.

The Process

The urgency and ‘depth’ of the position made it clear: An interim CFO who could step in and step up within a few days was the right solution. Which interim provider do you choose?

“I quickly decided to ask my network. What were the experiences of my peers? Who do you turn to? Who can deliver ‘when the going gets tough’? Several in my network recommends Nextt Management – and my research confirms that they are the right interim provider to us. They are parallelly handling several interim CFO positions in other companies – and consequently, there is no doubt in our minds that we want to engage Nextt Management to find our interim CFO”, says Helle Mørk Balling, HR Director of Altiden Omsorg.

Just before Christmas – on December 15th – Nextt takes on the assignment. The optimum timing would be for our interim CFO to start in the job on the first working day of January.

Based on our info and our detailed talks, Christian from Nextt is quick to define and specify the perfect profile for the job. What is needed professionally and personally? What about geography and distance? Everything is done in close co-operation with our Swedish group, listed on the stock exchange and hence governed by strict regulation and reporting demands.

The Result

We end up with a really good match. Christmas time is no hindrance. Everything progresses as if it was not holiday season. Christian presents us with several options but specifically recommends one candidate.

It has been spot on. A really good match for our organization.

Our new interim CFO makes a difference from the very first day. He has successfully managed all acute, here-and-now jobs, has engaged the team and ensures effective cooperation, and is also preparing the groundworks for the way ahead.

The impression Nextt leaves us with?
They are dedicated from the very first moment and dive right into the job. They listen, ask the right questions, and fully understand the complexity of a position. The dialogue is good, continuous and with a constant focus on getting to the finishing line in time. Their approach is credible and trustworthy – and they deliver on everything they promise. Their flexibility, understanding, and not least commitment to make ends meet is worth underlining. All virtues of great importance.

About Altiden

Altiden Omsorg is part of the Swedish group, Ambea. A Nordic company with more than 30,000 healthcare professionals in private care facilities for the elderly and citizens in challenging conditions, physically and mentally. Altiden also cooperates with the public sector, taking in citizens who either choose or are referred to the private facilities.

An interim solution is the way to go if you are under pressure, face acute workforce problems, require strong, experienced competences or need skills which is not to be found in the organization.