When there is need for extra resources in the finance function

When the CFO needs flexible assistance

As a CFO, you can probably nod in recognition of a situation where you or your employees do not have enough hours in the day to solve all everyday operational tasks satisfactorily. At the same time, the finance function is expected to spend time on new value-creating projects that the company’s other departments want to wind up, which is not satisfactory for either party.

An interim manager from Nextt Management is the perfect solution

When help is needed Fast
When to Create Focus
When great Freedom is desired
When Flexibility is desired


If you are in a situation and lack temporary resources for a shorter or longer period, we are ready with experienced and professionally competent resources.

They can step into a given role or project and perform precisely the operational tasks that are often lacking in a busy day.

They can be there full time or just for a few days a month. We are always a partner with a focus on value creation.


In a finance function, there are often many different internal projects running that support the optimization of the department’s work area.

In many companies, the resources from the finance function are also involved more and more as key team members or even as project managers in the company’s process optimization in general.

As CFO, it is always interesting to have employees involved in these cross-organizational projects, so that the projects are anchored throughout the company – also in the finance function.

If you are in the same situation, we can be helpful with our financial resources, which can ensure that the project is completed successfully.

Then you are welcome to contact us