Project management-a competence that secures business profit

Do you need one or more project managers who can efficiently and effectively deliver results? At Nextt Management we have many professional interim project managers who are ready at your services.

Get distressed projects back on track

Nextt Management is often approached by companies with big ambitions and many projects underway. However, with too few project managers to manage these projects, the various goals can be difficult to reach.

Do you need one or more project managers who are goal oriented, and can efficiently deliver results? Or do you have a project which is derailing and needs to be put back on track.

We at Nextt Management have a deep understanding that lenghty projects that do not meet deadlines can cause extreme harm to your business and its prospects for the future.

Nextt Management has a solid business understanding, experience and the right competencies and does not offer a “one-size-fit-all” model. Instead, we tailor our offers to the needs of your business.

Interim project managers and consultants who are ready

We make sure that all our interim project managers possess large and in depth understanding of business and many years of theoretical and practical experience. All project managers at Nextt Management are highly experienced managers and have the ability to communicate on all necessary levels.

Nextt Management have delivered interim project managers to the following industries: telecom, media, energy, IT, electronics and appliances, retail,service, ERP, financial businesses, manufacturing and public enterprises.

With a personal, prequalified resource base consisting of interim managers and independent consultants, Nextt Management is prepared to deliver a project manager to your specific industry and business within a maximum of 10 days.

Contact us for an informal talk, to learn more about your options with an interim project manager.