The process of Interim Management

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How do we find the best solution?

The key to successful interim hiring is based on a clear common goal between your company and Nextt Management. At Nextt Management we highly value the understanding of businesses managerial challenges. We prioritize and make sure that we have enough time to get a multi-faceted and in-depth understanding of the situation that the business is in. This guarantees that we, with precise focus and quality in the process, can identify the qualified candidate, interview and finally hire for the assignment. During this process, it is decisive for Nextt Management to have a close and confidential dialogue between the partners.

Nextt Management has a selection process that ensures that only the most qualified candidates are being presented to the company. There is a minimum of two candidates that the client can choose between.

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Before we present the candidates for the client

Nextt Management guarantees that the candidates are:

  • Interviewed and have the right fit for the role
  • Fully updated on the assignment
  • Ready to take on the role with short time notice
  • With an easily accessible resource database of prequalified interim managers, the process from the first client contact to the date of commencement will be within or less than 10 working days
  • In concordance with the agreed framework, such as time, location, fees and more

The client will on the presentation meeting be able to interview the candidate and assess the personal and professional skills of the candidate that are required for the specific role. Moreover, the client will give a deeper clarification on the interim managerial assignment. Normally, this would be the basis for deciding on the appropriate candidate for this interim role.

Nextt Management will thereafter make sure that all the necessary contracts fall into place, so that the candidate can start at the job within the set time frame.

The process of hiring an interim manager

  1. Day 1
    You are faced with a challange and contact Nextt Management
  2. Day 2
    You meet Nextt Management and the framework for the assignment is laid out. The contract is signed (No Result, No Pay*)
  3. Day 3
    Nextt Management reaches out to their pre-qualified interim managers
  4. Day 3-8
    Nextt identifies, qualifies, interviews and selects a minimum of 2 highly qualified candidates
  5. Day 9
    You meet the candidates and thereafter choose you preferred interim manager
  6. Day 10
    Your new interim manager can start on the job

* We have a smaller start-up fee, where the payment first starts after the right candidate has been chosen by you and starts working in your organisation