CFO Services 

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The CFO is a crucial business partner

Most companies find themselves in situations where concrete competencies or resources are not available when there is a need for it. This can have both positive or negative consequences for the development of the firm. In situations like these, Nextt Managmeent offers to place our interim CFOs in a fast and efficient manner.

We have helped our clients reach their full potential since 2003!

Interim CFO

When the CEO requires assistance to execute the strategy

A termination or sick leave rarely comes at a convenient time

In the time period before a permanent solution has been found, we provide, within 10 days, a clear-cut interim solution in the required period – full-time or part-time.

We guarantee a fast and efficient solution.

Interim help

When the the CFO needs flexible assistance in everyday endeavours

As a CFO, you may find yourself in a situation where you are currently lacking the right professional skills or experience for a given period of time.

Our specialised interim managers are ready for operational tasks and change management projects. They are ready to develop the finance function in the desired direction or carry out business-critical projects.

Our candidates always deliver visible results.

Fast executive search

When the finance function needs a new employee – in a permanent position

If you have an open job position in your finance function, we will help you  find your next employee in the fastest way possible.

We find the right candidate from a large pre-qualifed pool of pre-qualified and experienced finance-candidates who are ready for fast executive employmeny.

We can be responsible for the entire process or partly in collaboration with you.

Get the best solution with the greatest flexibility!
  • A quick start -10 days and then we are in the process of a
  • >> Interim agreement for a set time period
  • >> An interim agreement in combination with a permanent hire - Try & Hire
  • >> Part time consultancy agreement
  • >> Guaranteed Fast Executive Search

Interim CFO at the right place and time

An interim CFO can step into a situation where there is need for change, new systems or procedures needed to be implemented, where finances need to be assessed or where the business is looking for new forms of growth.

The CFO’s role has evolved from being considered as an internal auditor to a crucial business partner. An interim CFO can solve assignments that are both strategic as well as operational.

Nextt Management CFO services offer hiring of interim managers to all finance and account functions on managerial levels. They are carefully selected and have extensive experience as well as an understanding of the importance of having the right match for the position.

Nextt has a resource base that includes well qualified CFO candidates with the right competencies to solve a broad range of assignments that are needed in Danish companies.

Examples of tasks solved by our interim CFO’s

Our interim CFO’s are accustomed to solve different tasks when working at the companies. Examples of these types of tasks could be; adapting the process so that it increases the efficiency, updating administrative systems and cash flows, enhance the productivity of the finance department-without wearing out the employees, increasing the visibility of the finance department in the organization, or increasing the visibility of the finance in the company’s value creation.

Examples of strategic tasks

  • Development of long or short-term financial forecasting, planning and budgeting to ensure the profitability of the company
  • Turnaround management
  • Mapping out an exit strategy
  • Strategy and implementation of cash flow and capital management

Examples of operational tasks

  • Management of economic function as well as employees in the accounting department
  • Responsible for annual financial statements, consolidated financial statement, strategic budgeting as well as monthly closure and cash flow follow ups.
  • Analysis and implementation of guidelines in risk and areas of compliance
  • Project management and implementation of operational project that range from ERP software to SOX compliance.