Why use Interim Management

Interim managers are objective and result-driven specialists who can quickly familiarize themselves with the company’s challenges. Interim Mangement has several advantages when compared to permanent hire or management consultants.

Objective and result-oriented specialists

Interim managers are objective and result-oriented specialists, where once they come into the business, become an integrated member of the team and secures anchorage in the organization. An interim does not have any stake in the company and is free from any emotional attachment to the organization as well as any internal social relations, hierarchy or history that could stand in the way of executing the best solution in an effective and professional manner.

A professional interim manager is able to make use of the organizations existing competencies, and thereby leveraging the leadership in the organization- even after the termination of the interim period.

Interim Management is described as a temporary addition of specific and necessary competencies, that are used to analyze the problem, develop the best method to solve the assignment and assure that the implementation is successful.

Interim managers are valuable colleagues who help the team in steering the organization safely through the process.

The advantages of using Interim Management

There are many advantages of using Interim Management. We have listed them below. However, if you have doubts whether Interim Management is the right solution for you business, then please do not hesistate to contact us for a non-binding talk. Together, we can create an overview of your needs.

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  • Speed
    With the use of Interim Management, we can quickly and effectively leverage leadership skills. It usually only takes a few days from our first meeting to the point at which the interim manager has started in your business, whereas with traditional recruitment processes, this can easily take months
  • Flexibility
    Your business can hire an interim manager on flexible terms with limited formalities and obligations. The interim manager can be hired hourly, daily or on a monthly basis, depending on the specific needs of your business
  • Decision making
    Interim managers have a decision-making role, compared to a mangement consultant, who is hired to give advice. Interim managers bring decision-making and execution qualities on strategical, tactical and operational levels.
  • Strategic contribution
    Interim managers are used to navigate and act from a strategic standpoint. They are able to comprehend complex, precarious and turbulent situations. They may also be an asset to the management and the board, whilst they execute on their agreed mandate
  • Result oriented
    An interim manager is accustomed to and comfortable of being judged by the results they deliver. If this is in harmony with your business, this can lead to implementation of KPI’s
  • Experience
    Interim managers are typically overqualified and highly skilled for the job, enabling them to be independent, possess the ability to lead the team and make the necessary decisions in a changing work environment. Nextt Management’s interim managers bring with them extensive and broad experiences and have proven that they can create significant results through their management qualities. When entering into your business, most often do the interim managers have experiences and skills from several similar successful assignments. Interim managers have a wide variety of contacts and knowledge from their own network which can be to an advantage for your business, even after the assignment is completed
  • Objectivity
    Although interim managers are often involved in delicate or confidential tasks and decisions, their judgmental power will remain strong and objective, which is benefical to your business. This is based on the fact that the interim manager does not have a history with your company and is not tied to any personal or emotional relationships. The interim manager can therefore execute his mandate in a clear and decisive manner
  • Cost-effective
    The cost of hiring an interim manager will in many cases be similar to hiring a permanent manager when one sums up the expenses for wages, bonuses, holiday allowances, pension, insurance and employee benefits. It has to be said that the interim manager focuses on value creation and is able to deliver results from day one until the termination of the contract

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Before the candidate is selected and qualified for the assignment, individual meetings are held, which specifically clarifies the individual’s personal experiences and characteristics such as:

  • Commitment to the assignment
  • Goal oriented and relevant experience from similar assignments
  • Extensive leadership experience and strong leadership skills
  • Analytical abilities
  • Empathy and willingness to change
  • Strong motivational and collaborative skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • High energy levels
  • Awareness and acceptance of the fact that others will eventually take over

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Are you in doubt whether Interim Management can help solve your business problem, then let us have a non-binding talk.

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