About Nextt Management

Nextt Management is one of the leading Interim Management firms in Denmark. We have since 2003 dedicated our focus on building up insightful experiences to provide the best solution for our clients and candidates

Nextt strenghten businesses

Nextt Management help Danish businesses increase their growth, competitiveness and revenue. We also offer guidance and support to businesses facing challenges to help them get back on the right track.

Nextt Management is able to do so through strategic guidance, a business understanding and a special ability to add the right leadership and change ready interim managers within a set time frame.

Nextt Management is well equipped to assist you with the challenges your business is facing both nationally and internationally, through our international partnership in Senior Management Worldwide.

These assets places Nextt Management in a position where we can effectively solve business challenges where the demand for experienced management resources are great.

Our clientele includes both C20 corporations, medium and small companies, start ups and owner managed companies in a broad range of industries, both nationally and internationally.

Nextt Management value

In all the assignments we are involved in, Nextt Management value these key things:

  • Empathy
    Nextt Managemnt is committed to understand and listen to the client but is not afraid to ask critical questions. Nextt Management does not compromise with loyalty to the duties involved.
  • Quality
    Nextt Management places great demands internally on their employees, product and services. Nextt Management works continuously on developing our business, methodology and services offered. The products and services we offer are based on our extensive experience.
  • Partnership
    Nextt Management build long lasting relationships with our clients, through a level of openness, honesty, mutual respect and fairness.
  • Value creation
    There is a clear connection between the client’s success and our success. We therefore go the extra mile to ensure we find the right solution that adds the most value for our clients.