Interim Management Cases

Here is a list of our clients who have had managerial challenges

A selection of Danish and international companies we have solved assignments for

Nextt Management has since 2003 solved many different and complex assignments in Danish companies. We have compiled a list of cases on both Danish and international companies who have received added resouces and managerial assistance from our experienced managers.

Inspire yourself in the following cases or find a case which matches your business challenge . If you cannot find a case that matches your specific situtations, you are in, then do not worry- Nextt Management has almost certainly solved a similar type of assignment for a client before. Do not hesistate to call and talk to us about the challenges your business is facing.  Contact us here.

Interim CFO with stamina and social skills
In this case, the interim manager became the permanent manager
COOManufacturingTry & Hire
A rapid change in the managerial organization
Interim manager strengthens the integration of new employees in an international concern
Top quality candidates
COOEngineering companyInternational
Interim Management adapts a global company to turbulent times
Product launch was secured with Interim Management
BiotechCCOGrowth companyTry & Hire
Interim Manager helps growth company to market
BiotechCCOStart-upTry & Hire
Interim Manager helps start up business to market
Interim manager took charge of DFDS’ marketing team after big merge
Interim Factory Manager came in place to carry out new strategic focus
A new ambitious strategy required an Interim CFO to get the full overview
Building of new sales department for market penetration
Experienced interim manager to deal with increasing competition
Successful generational shift through the interim manager’s experience with sales maturity
The interim CEO made changes and kept the company’s momentum until new permanent CEO was in place