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Nextt Management is an exclusive partner in Senior Management Worldwide. Senior Management Worldwide is an international collaboration, where the leading Interim Management firms meet throughout the year, to share knowledge from their markets to make it easier for us to provide cross-border business solutions.

Through the partnership in Senior Management Worldwide, Nextt Management is able to assist companies with interim managers both in Denmark and internationally.The client base encompasses both C20 companies, small and medium sized businesses, owner managed companies, venture capitals, startups, and organizations within a broad range of industries, both nationally and internationally.

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Successful activities since 2004

100,000+ verified interim managers in the partnership

8,000+ successfully solved assignments in 40+ countries

110+ global Interim Management teams ready to help

Senior Management Worldwide (SMW) has existed since 2004, where the focus has been to help businesses with international interim solutions. We continuously extend our global coverage to help companies quickly and effectively meet their interim executive needs, Grégoire Cabri-Wiltzer, President of Senior Management Worldwide says. Senior Management Worldwide is the longest running and most successful partnership within the field of Interim Management. The partnership currently consists of 19 international partners in Europe, Asia and America.

Across the world, Senior Management Worldwide help clients with solving challenges, discover new opportunities, create and improve results, fill resource and expertise gaps, develop talent and help in other critical situations. Through an international collaborative partnership, Senior Management Worldwide has been able to develop an efficient organization, specialized in finding fast and solid solutions for their clients.

Updates from the whole world

Our workforce is going through great changes these days. We are experiencing on both a national and international level that more managers are being employed on project terms.

What requirements does that pose to businesses and how should you navigate in this market consisting of a “fluid workforce”?

How do you successfully utilize your business in these changing times in order to ensure value creation and competitiveness?

On our blog and in our Danish newsletter, we keep you updated with both national and international news regarding the modern workforce.