What is the cost of hiring an interim manager?

Nextt Management work with 100% transparent prices

Competitive prices and 100% transparency

The contractual agreement between Nextt Management and you as a client are individual and built upon the assignment’s complexity and the requirement and responsibility you have towards the interim manager’s profile. Nextt Management has long and solid experience in assessing the remuneration levels of the different management roles. Ultimately, in the matter of an interim manager’s remuneration and the specific task to be fulfilled, Nextt Management has always a fixed and 100% transparent price per assignment.

Here is an example of the cost of hiring an interim manager. Nextt Management is aware that there can be big differences in the remuneration levels, as it mirrors the complexities in the various assignments. As of today, Nextt Management has solved assignments from a price range between 60.000 DKK./month and 250.000 DKK./month.

Example of remuneration package

The following is an example of remuneration for an interim manager, taking into consideration what a similar permanent manager would cost the company.

A salary package of = 100.000 DKK./month. including:

  • Holiday allowance
  • Pension
  • Labor pension (ATP Livslang Pension)
  • Bonuses
  • Disability insurance and professional indemnity insurance
  • Employer-paid benefits, like company car, IT equipment, mobile devices, subscriptions,etc
  • Administrative expenses
  • Courses for maintenance of managerial skills

In addition, the interim manager and Nextt Management must have an additional compensatory fee equivalent to 25 %.

Where is the interim manager employed?

The company receives a monthly invoice from Nextt Management, which in turn settles the remuneration for the interim manager.

Interim managers have a contractual affiliation with Nextt Management A/S during the period of the assignment. The client has only to pay the monthly invoice and is free from all employee related obligations.