Do you have experience with working as an interim manager?

Nextt Management is always interested in being in contact with qualified interim managers, who have obtained an extensive amount of experience and have achieved an excellent work record.
Nextt Management’s clients’ expectations and requirements they have, mean that only experienced managers, who have the ability to take on demanding positions and quickly fill the leadership void, are taken into consideration.
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The typical profile of a prequalified interim manager

When Nextt Management receives new applications from applicants, it is mostly managers, who have broad experience and competencies within their field of work. It could be managers who have:

  • Had the role as CEO, vice president or project manager in several organizations
  • Obtained visible and positive results from their managerial styles
  • Previously worked as an interim manager, or been self-employed

If working as an interim manager at Nextt Management is something of an interest to you, then apply through the application form at the bottom of the page.

Procedure for assessment and admission of candidates

  • Step 1

    Candidate sends in his/her information and CV

  • Step 2

    Candidate receives an email with a link for further questioning

  • Step 3

    Nextt Management makes an overall assessment on the basis of the information retrieved and the CV

  • Step 4

    Candidate could be called in for an in-depth interview

  • Step 5

    Candidate receives a call back from Nextt Management regarding if he/she has been approved or rejected

Step 1: You have to submit your information and CV through the application formula at the bottom of the page
Step 2: Nextt Management will reply through an email with a link to a short questionnaire that you need to fill out
Step 3: Nextt Management’s partners will carry out an overall assessment of your profile once all of your information and answers have been received.
Step 4: If evaulated that there is need for an in-depth conversation in order to determine your candidacy, then we will invite you to a meeting
Step 5: You will always hear back from Nextt Management, once we have assessed whether your profile is suitable or not

How do I become a candidate?

  • There are a number of requirements you need to meet in order to be considered as an interim manager at Nextt Management.
  • You must have held managerial positions for a number of years and thereby developed strong leadership skills
  • Your managerial experience has to come from working in various companies, or from different roles within the same company
  • You must have created significant results throughout your career
  • You must be an independent contractor with your own CVR-number in order to be given assignments through Nextt Management
  • Are you in a phase where you are considering becoming an interim manager? If so, then you are welcome to contact CEO Torben Hvashøj, and he will be able to advise you on the prospects of a career change.

We advise that you thoroughly read this page through, as well as FAQ for candidates before applying to become an interim manager at Nextt Management.

The relationship between you and Nextt Management

Being an interim manager at Nextt Management means that you take on the role of being an independent consultant with an individual CVR number. Nextt Management will act as an intermediary of interim assignments. If you need to solve an interim assignment through Nextt Management, you will enter into a contract regarding the specific assignment.The structure of the contract between you and Nextt Management, as well as Nextt Management and the client is 100% transparent and agreed upon with all parties.

For Nextt Management, it is crucial that our relationship to you is based on mutual trust, and confidentiality when the assignment requires it.

Nextt Management works daily on placing Denmark’s most qualified interim managers to work on challenging assignments. In order for us to ensure that there is the best match possible between you and the assignment, we need an in-depth insight into your interim profile

What does Nextt Management provide for you as a candidate

Nextt Management is an active player in the market and initiates several activities in order to be visible. We have built a strong network consisting of senior executives, professional investors, board members, in order to ensure that you are presented with exciting and interesting assignments. Nextt Management works with marketing and PR in the following areas:

  • Website
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • E-mail campaigns
  • Newsletters
  • Client cases
  • Blogs
  • PR in daily press, academic papers as well as digital media
  • Memberships in formal and informal networks
  • Partnerships, industry networks, executive networks
  • Seminars, lectures
  • Ads, SEO
  • Direct contacts to businesses
  • Extensive meeting activities about Interim Management

Once you have been hired as an interim manager

Nextt Management sends emails to their candidates, that include factual and short descriptions about the assignment. The candidates can thereafter decide whether they think that the interim assignment is of their interest and fits their profile and time schedule.

Thereafter, the selection process begins, where telephone interviews and personal meetings will take part as well as the possibility of references will be required.

Selected candidates will be invited for a personal briefing meeting where the company the assignment and conditions will be confidentially discussed.Nextt Management presents a minimum of two carefully selected candidates to the client.

When the candidate has been presented to the client, the client will usually make a decision after the meeting.

Apply for admission to become an interim manager at Nextt Management, or update your current information

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Update your information

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