A New Trend at Senior and Management Level

We are witnessing a trend where increasingly many at senior and management level step away from fixed positions and pursue a career as interim leaders. They are weary of the ongoing and constant workload and aspire to a better work-life balance. Perhaps working six months and enjoying leisure and travel during the remaining six months.

These leaders want to reclaim control – over their time and tasks. They wish to determine and craft the life they desire. In many cases, it involves spending more time with a spouse or family and stepping out of the hamster wheel to do some of the things, you have been longing to do – before the day comes when it might no longer be possible.

This trend is rooted in concrete experiences we’ve had with interim leaders. We are closely connected with our interim candidates and therefore understand what moves them. What inspires them to lead a life as interim leaders.

Undoubtedly, we will only see more examples of business profiles challenging conventional thinking and seeking a senior professional life with a significantly higher degree of freedom and flexibility.

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