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Nextt Management is frequently met with a range of questions from potential candidates. See the answers here.

Frequently asked questions-find your answers here

We have compiled frequently asked questions below, so that you as a candidate can become familiar with them before becoming a potential interim manager at Nextt Management.

Companies hire interim managers when they wish to implement change. The company can either find itself in a negative situation and have to undergo crisis management or a turnaround. It can also find itself in positive situation, where they are looking for new means of growth or aim to fill a void in the market. An interim manager can also be hired into a company, where there is a need for Gap Management. This means that the company is in need of a temporary manager, before a permanent hire has been found.

Interim managers are action oriented and use their extensive experience and competencies to create results. Moreover, the interim manager solves the assignment at a lower cost than management consultants.

It will usually last between 6-9 months, with the possibility of prolonging the contract- if the client and candidate have a mutual agreement. The stint can ,however, last a few weeks or more than 12 months.

As a starting point, it is required that you are self-employed with your own firm. You need to have managerial experience from preferably many different companies. You have to have a good track record of positive results throughout your career. You can read more on how you can become an interim manager with Nextt Management here.

Are you in a phase where you are considering becoming an interim manager? If so, then you are welcome to contact CEO Torben Hvashøj who will be able to advise you on the prospects of a career change–  contact Torben her.

Building your CV/competency profile is very important in order to be considered as an interim manager. We recommend that the CV is no longer than 3 pages and should focus on competences and experience. It should at least include the positions and tasks you have held within the last five years, with a description of responsibilities and results. The tasks and projects that have a nature of change, turnarounds and project management have to be highlighted. Personal interest and family related situations are in this case less relevant. If you are selected as a candidate for a specific assignment, you will most likely be asked to prepare a cover letter that is targeted to the company/situation.

When Nextt Management receives your CV, then you will immediately receive a short questionnarie from us that needs to be filled out. The questionnaire contains questions like earlier positions, as well as what type of future positions or jobs you would be willing to take. Nextt Management then goes through your CV and the questionnaire to estimate whether you are competent to be an interim manager connected to Nextt Management. You can read more about the process here

Nextt Management sends emails to their candidates, that include factual and short descriptions about the assignment. The candidates can thereafter decide whether they think that the interim assignment is of their interest, fits their profile and time schedule.

Based on the client assignments that Nextt Management win- usually at a very short time notice- a number of candidates are selected for a personal meeting, where the company, the assignment and the conditions are confidentially discussed. Nextt Management will always, as a minimum, present two candidates to the client during the final meeting. If you have been presented as a candidate, the client will usually decide directly after the meeting, and you will then know if it is you who will start the job.

Do you wish to be assessed as an interim manager at Nextt Management, then you should read and apply though clicking on this link. If you have a fitting profile then there will be a meeting where we can align our expectations.

If you wish to send us an updated CV or update any of your other data, then you can do so through the formula below.

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