The latest trends and tendencies of a changing labor market

Companies go from having permanent employees to a flexible workforce.How does that affect your way of doing business and how can you as business leaders take the lead? Stay up to date here on the blog

Future of Work

In the future, it will be even more important for companies to respond and adapt quickly. Therefore, at Nextt Management, we believe that interim managers, temporary agents and freelancers will play an important role.

Readiness for change will be the largest competitive advantage and thus it is important to look at the organization and consider flexibility in all parts of the business – from production to organization. Already now agility and quick adaptability are needed, but we are looking into an even faster pace in the future. Which means, there will hardly be any time to spend 12-18 months to make a strategy- skilled people are needed, who quickly can see and know what to do and thereafter can execute their strategy.

A mindset that businesses need

In the past years, interim managers have been involved in turn-around cases where they either have had to put out fires, act as hangers or clean up a company mess. Now however, they play an important role in dealing with growth phases, where things happen so quickly that companies cannot acquire enough knowledge in time to deal with the fast growth. It is this type of jobs that will be decisive in the future. Interim managers have a mindset where the focus lies on the solutions. They know that they cannot change the organisation by themselves, but they are not tied down by any career ladder, politics and hierarchy. So they can without any biases look at the problem at hand and be action oriented and bring with them executive measures to the organisation. This way of thinking will be useful for companies in the future. In order to run a successful business, being adaptable will be the essence. The interim manager can in these cases make sure that businesses aren’t new to the fact every time they need to change direction. This is because the interim manager adds the necessary experience and the knowledge to the business.

The best candidates

We all need to figure out what it is we are working for. Businesses should find out about the permanent employees directions and get them mobilised from a clear strategy. Thereafter, interim managers, freelancers, and others with flexible contracts should play an important role in the organisation as a supplement to the permanent employees.

At Nextt Management, we believe that we are going towards an exciting future. We are experiencing an increasing demand for interim managers, while at the same time more experienced and top qualified candidates reach out to us, because they wish to part-take in a flexible workforce. Here they can bring their leadership and experiences to play.

Businesses have now through Nextt Management gotten access to one of the best interim managers on the market, and we estimate that the range of candidates is only getting wider and more qualified, which goes hand in hand with how we estimate that the future of work will look like.

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