Crisis Management

We have established an emergency preparedness consisting of 275+ interim managers who are specialized in crisis management. If your business is faced with challenges that lack solutions then gives us a call for a non-binding/confidential meeting, where we discuss the situation. Based on our experiences with crisis management, we can find the right solution for your specific need.

275+ specialists are prepared to step in and help businesses who are in urgent need of crisis management.
– we guarantee speed and execution

We create:

  • Clairity
  • Prioritisation
  • Execution

….in the actual crisis situation!

We know that speed is crucial for survival

We provide a fast track that ensures that you are, within a few days, given the right leadership resource which you and your company needs.

We are 6 partners in Nextt Management, with  experience in crisis and change management, who are ready 24/7 to take on the challenge- call us at +45 43 33 27 80. We will meet and we will be in full motion within 24 hours!

Are you familiar with these statements:

  • Are you worried about the survival of your business?
  • Do you urgently need cost reduction and resource optimization?
  • Are you having challenges with cash flows, liquidity and the dialogue with your external stakeholders?
  • Do you have declining sales and revenue?
  • Is your supply in your Supply Chain missing or failing? Do you need to adjust the production capacity?

Then we have 275 + specialists in crisis management who are ready to provide their services.

You are not alone

The global Covid-19 crisis which has affected the world and Denmark, has been extremely tough for many. This is due to the rapid arrival of the virus and has caused many businesses to fight for their survival.

The crisis came without any warning which has placed immense pressure on businesses and has resulted in the need for crisis management.

Crisis management requires execution and decisions, and there are often many roads to choose from, however that requires that you make decisions and act on a here and now approach.

A number of current studies at home and abroad in connection with the Covid19 crisis unanimously point out that the biggest challenges facing the executive board, board of directors and owners in a crisis situations are:

  • The impact of the economic development on operating results and financial preparedness
  • Risk for a global recession
  • Impact on the workforce and decline in productivity
  • Decrease in consumer confidence and consumption
  • Changes in the Supply Chain
  • Incomplete foundations to make decisions on

You and your business are not alone in the midst of these managerial challenges.

Read a short teaser here,on a concrete assignment, where we assigned an interim CEO to a crisis situation

Press here> Interim CEO

Crisis management through Nextt Management

Speed > Flexibility > Quality

Nextt Management understands that time can be a crucial factor, when you are lacking a key person in your business. Therefore, Nextt Management guarantees to have the right candidate in your business within 10 business days.

Our process is fast and effective, our contract is flexible, and it is our expertise to understand your business and its challenges- that is the key for choosing the best candidate

As a client at Nextt Management, we guarantee the following:

  • Within 24 hours, Nextt Management has an experienced partner available, who is ready to hold a meeting regarding the specifics on the assignment.
  • You have the right interim manager for your business within 10 working days
  • Nextt Management offer their services for a transparent competitive price.
  • All assignments through Nextt Management are confidentially dealt with
  • Nextt Management offers a 30-day satisfactory guarantee

Read about the interim management process here.

International interim collaboration

Nextt Management collaborates with leading international Interim Management businesses. This provides us with unique opportunties to have operational talents far beyond our own borders, and the opportunity to draw on many years of experience and professional skills from our partners in the global partnership in SeniorManagementWorldwide.

If your business is faced with a specific challenge, then do not hesitate to contact us. We always offer an informal meeting where we discuss the possibilities of how you can leverage Interim Management to your advantage. Contact us here: