Top Interim Executive

If your company is in a situation that requires a special extraordinary and quick management effort to get on the trail of the planned strategy, goals and direction, we offer our selected PREMIUM CLUB members.

Our PREMIUM CLUB Top Interim Executives are qualified based on the documented experience they have with:

  • Interim management
  • References from other tasks
  • Their professionalism
  • Their personality
  • And the results they have created

We deliver Top Executives within a few days both in Denmark and Globally.

Do you recognize any of these statements?

  • Are you worried about your company’s direction and earnings?
  • Are you considering buying / selling?
  • Do you need international experience in your organization?
  • Are the growth plans “on track”?
  • Do you urgently need cost reduction and resource optimization?
  • Do you have challenges with cash flow, liquidity and dialogue with external stakeholders?
  • Do you have challenges with deadlines and projects?
  • Do you have fluctuating sales and revenue?
  • Do you have missing / failing deliveries in your Supply Chain and need to adjust the production capacity?
  • Is your production optimized?
  • M.v.

We are ready to help 24/7!

Here you can read cases that our PREMIUM CLUB colleague has solved in a critical situation.

Change Management via Nextt Management – 4F

  1. FAST

You avoid a longer onboarding process, but get a PREMIUM CLUB Executive who instantly understands the organization, can navigate and create results

  1. FOCUS

You get an Executive who is 100% focused on the task – with clear goals and success criteria


Your Executive has a well-defined task. It gives freedom to focus, freedom to act and freedom to make decisions – even the unpopular


You get an Executive into the job who is used to performing in dynamic, changeable environments. Digitization and disruption in particular can sometimes create a special need for such profiles.

The process

At Nextt Management, we understand that time can be a crucial factor in achieving goals, and therefore we also guarantee to have the right Executive in place in your company within a maximum of 10 working days.

Our process is fast and efficient, our contractual basis is flexible, and it is our expertise to understand your business and your challenges – because that is the key to choosing the best Executive.

As a customer of Nextt Management, you are guaranteed the following:

  • Within 24 hours, Nextt Management will make an experienced Partner available to hold a clarifying meeting about the content of the assignment
  • In a maximum of 10 working days, you can have the right Executive in place in your company
  • Nextt Management provides its service at a transparent and competitive price
  • All tasks at Nextt Management are treated confidentially
  • Nextt Management provides a 30-day satisfaction guarantee

Read about the whole process for Interim Management here

International solutions

Through the partnership in Senior Management Worldwide, Nextt Management is able to assist companies with interim managers both in Denmark and Globally.

Nordic Solutions

Nordic knowledge and expertise
We pride ourselves in our local Nordic knowledge and expertise and work with thousands of pre-selected Nordic experts who are equipped at solving customer business challenges, regardless of the Nordic location or circumstances of the challenge.