The CFO has always an important role to play

An interim CFO is a meaningful business partner

An interim CFO can step in when you experience a dismissal or a sick leave in the finance function, regardless of the severity of the situation. Hiring an interim CFO ensures that you finance function does not lose its momentum. An interim CFO comes with experience and action oriented, which ensures that the interim can get an immediate overview, so that the tasks are prioritized and visible results are delivered.

In addition to managing the finance function, the CFO can step in situations where changes are needed, where new systems/procedures are to be implemented, where the finances are under scrutiny, or where the company needs concrete experiences in, for example, M&A activites.

An interim CFO is the perfect


When there is a need for help Quickly

When there is a need for Focus 

When there is a need for Freedom

When there is a need for Flexibility

Our interim managers are extremely well qualified and have the skills to solve the many diverse tasks that are needed both locally and internationally

The role of the CFO has evolved from being considered as an internal auditor’s role to a crucial business partner, where strategic as well as operational responsibilities are handled

Our CFOs solve many different tasks when they enter the companies and they are all carefully selected with a strong commercial focus that benefits the company the most