What is expected of an interim manager?

“As a possible interim candidate you should be able to show us that you have an execellent track record in your career, where you have gone through different problems solving tasks in different parts of your career. It is more important that you have experience than being a specialist, since the company will be looking for top senior executives and can create significant results through your managerial styles.

The good interim manager is also the one who can communicate and has empathy, because it is not your business you are working in. You have to execute and excel and you have to hand it over in a similar way as if it were your own company. If you are looking for to compromise and cannot rely on your own success and need to be in the center of attention, then you do not have the right mindset. In other words, when the assignment is finished, you should be the one on the sidlines with a glas of champagne in the air, finding success in that the company you’ve worked in has reached their goal.”

How do you get the employees onboard?

“None of the tasks that we assign to our candidates, are able to be solved by a one man show. Leadership is about that people and it should feel that our candidates can communicate clear and comprehensibly,so the employees can themselves determine what makes sense.

As an interim manager, it is important to have the courage to meet the take the right decisions and that requires experience. You should also be able to set the framework for the existing employees and managers so they too can reach the goal the company is working towards.”

Is it difficult work for a company as an interim manager?

It is always challenging to be new,  but with the leadership skills that the interim manager possesses, he or she should know when or how they should act. However, because it is challenging to start as a manager, Nextt Management makes a deal with the client beforehand on how it should be said that an interim manager is starting at the job.

If you ask the interim manager yourself, then it is very easy to enter into the business. This is because they enter into a top position with a mandate from day one. It is however not a threat to the other managers since the interim manager is only there for a temporary time period.”

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