Interim Manager helps start up business to market


GlycoSpot has received the commercial competencies, that are needed to develop them from a university startup to a running business.

When Anders Holme Jensen took part of investing in Glycospot, he realized a major technical problem. The business had a unique product and competencies to develop it. However, as with many other start-ups, there was a lack of commercial competencies that would enable the business to move from the developing stage to a sales and operations stage.

That is why he got in contact with Nextt Management, to hear about the possibilities for Try & Hire.

I reached out to Christian from Nextt Management when we were ready to go to market, but we lacked some skills to mature the business. We agreed to try to find an interim manager who would be part of a startup .”

Perfect for start-ups

Nextt Management contacted their prequalified interim managers and within a few days, Nextt had found competent candidates who were willing to take on the role of a commercial director at GlycoSpot. Although, the speed and the number of candidates impressed Anders Holme, that was not the primary reason for choosing Nextt Management and the interim manager:

“When you have to be a part of a start up, you do not just become an employee, you also become a driving force. Therefore, it is smart to use the opportunity for Try & Hire, so that we can try out the candidate and afterwards make a deal if it is a match. Then the management can also see whether there is foundation to invest more money in the project.”

Anders Holme Jensen did not know many other management firms who had the same Try & Hire opportunities. And the interim candidates were suitable for working in a startup since they have decided to work independently with projects.

Competitive and transparent

Anders Holme Jensen had previously used traditional recruitment to find candidates to similar positions. This, however, was both a slow process and increased the risk of the process becoming very expensive.

With Interim Management through Nextt Management, Anders Holme Jensen experienced a more reliable and trasparent process

Everything was made clear to us and we knew what was going on in the process. Once the process and the contract are transparent, that is when you develop trust.”

Hence, Anders Holme Jensen was able to sign the contract with Nextt Management and the interim manager in a calm manner. And his confidence was rewarded:

“Der er blevet taget hånd om alle de opgaver, som bare lå uløste hen. Det er primært præsentationen af produktet for kunder,” siger han og slutter: “Men da det er en erfaren manager, vi har fået, så kigger han også mere bredt på prisstrategi, produktportefølje og bygger hele virksomheden kommercielt op.”