Code of Conduct 

Nextt Management A/S is a professional provider of Interim Management services in Denmark and international by an international network of partners

Nextt Principals

Nextt is promoting associated independent interim managers as a provider based on the highest standard of professional service. Nextt’s principal aim is:

  • The development of interim management as a powerful and leading management resource.
  • Promoting networking and professional development of interim managers.
  • Promoting research, knowledge, professional training and qualifications in the sector.
  • Defining a high standard of professional practice, accrediting and supporting associated interim managers.
  • Promoting relevance for best practise and good conduct in the sector.
  • Developing international networks for interim management services.

The Code

This Code of Conduct (The Code) is intended to assist Nextt´s associated interim managers to define a high standard of professional practice and by detailing good conduct. The purpose of this Code shall be undertaken and binding for all Nextt associated interim managers. All terms and expressions define a high professional standard for performing assignments.

By signing up as an Interim Manager at Nextt Management, please be adviced of our private policies. By signing up these terms apply.


Associated interim managers shall regard all information concerning the clients of Nextt as confidential during the matching process, in the course of assignments and after leaving contracted periods of time in assignments. The associated interim will require the same undertaking from their family members, partners or business associates.

Profession and accomplishment

Providing Interim Management Services is a professional endeavour. The profession of Nextt as a provider is characterised by the objectivity, integrity, thoroughness, and a proven track record in senior management positions by its practitioners.

Associated interim managers will maintain the highest standards of professional work and behaviour so that their actions reflect favourably on Nextt, its associated interim managers and clients.

An associated interim manager shall not, through any action or inaction, do anything which could bring Nextt or to Nextt associated interim managers into disrepute on any professional matter or which could damage the aims and objectives or good standing of Nextt.

Nextt is client service partner in all contacts with the clients. The associated interim managers undertake to not bypass Nextt in contacts with the clients without permission from Nextt.

Non-discrimination, equal work and equal opportunity

Nextt and its associated interim managers shall prohibit workplace discrimination and promote equal work, and equal opportunity and employment conditions, prohibit ethnic discrimination, discrimination based on sexuality and discrimination against people with disability. Nextt and its associated interim managers are entitled to terminate ongoing activities and contracts if they are exposed to discrimination or expected to participate in these kind of matters.


Associated interim managers shall ensure that they fully comply with laws relevant to operating their own enterprises, tax regulations, and social security fees. As a self-employed individual the associated interim manager will obtain a B-tax registration for carrying out the business and shall ensure full compliance with pre-tax, VAT and social security contributions.

Professional values and activities

It is the policy of Nextt and its associated interim managers to engage in free and fair competition to provide interim management services in the market. In all contacts with clients, Nextt and its associates will abide by following the Code.

Nextt will:

  • Establish a clear understanding of the client’s organisation and requirements to be able to provide objective professional advice to the client. It will provide a written statement setting out the description and scope of the services to be provided by Nextt and accomplished by the associated interim manager.
  • Supply a limited choice of validated candidates to a client, with a careful assessment of the individual’s credibility and qualifications for the assignment. The associated interim manager will sign a letter of confidentiality for each assignment, will apply to be introduced by Nextt with CV and references and undertakes that Nextt has the exclusive right to match to the assignment.
  • Presents contracts with general conditions and agreed fees for the assignment. The fee to the client includes the gross margin to Nextt and the fee to the associated interim manager. Both contracts exclude expenses and VAT as appropriate.
  • Ensure that prior to commencing the assignment, the associated interim manager is fully briefed as to the scope of the work, its responsibilities and duration of the assignment. Nextt will also ensure that the interim manager complies with relevant contractual arrangements with the client.
  • The associated interim manager must be independent, and may not have business relations, nor compete with Nextt or the client during ongoing assignments, or a period of 12 months after finishing the assignment