7 advantages of hiring an interim manager

Is your company looking for a new manager, or does your business need to be restructured? Then you might want to consider hiring an interim manager who specializes in temporary management. There are many benefits to having an interim manager attached. Here are the 7 key benefits of using an interim manager in your company:

1. Operational manager from the start

When you hire an interim manager, you get an operational manager who is positively over-qualified. This is a leader who quickly gets an overview of the situation and creates results from day one.

2. High level execution

The interim manager is not a consultant who “only” advises. The interim manager is 100% focused on the company and is a competent operational manager who enters the company, takes on the role from day one and implements the solution that gives the company the necessary lift it needs.

3.No unnecessary interruptions

When you hire an interim manager, then the senior management will have the time to find a permanent solution by conducting an uninterrupted recruitment process.

4.Avoid internal changups

You avoid internal clashes, which can often lead to the person now holding two positions at the same time. It is usually a disadvantage to have one person take on two responsibilities at the same time, as it will lower performance and will be an excessive burden on the person.


Hiring an interim manager is flexible and cost effective. You only pay for the time the interim manager works, and therefore you do not have to think about retirement, severance allowance, bonus, insurance, employer tax and sick leave.

6.Low risk for you as a client

You get a satisfactionary guarantee as a customer and our model is based on No cure No pay. To know more about this collaboration agreement click here.

7.We have a candidate ready within 10 days

At Nextt Management, speed is an important parameter and therefore we find the right candidate for your company within 10 days. This can be done because of our pre-qualified resource base of  interim managers, which means that the process from customer contact to the candidate can start his or her job quickly.