What do you get with an interim manager?

There are numerous advantages to profit from when bringing an interim manager on board.

As one of Denmark’s leading interim management companies, we know what to require from the interim candidate. In terms of experience, expertise, and personal skills. Every time we bring one of our +4.000 interim candidates into play, we make it count.

When you take on an interim, you can expect:

Experienced CxO

The interim is an experienced leader or CxO with documented results. The interim has years of experience working in the same industry or has successfully handled challenges like the hiring company. The interim manager will introduce effective, smooth working processes, engage the team, and reach the defined goals.

Leader with a capital L

The interim is a L-E-A-D-E-R. A leader who knows how to engage, empower, motivate, and drive the employees to success. Focus is on project management and enhancing the team’s ability to move towards joint, predefined goals. To ensure an effective ‘can do’ mentality. The interim leader is a team player making sure that the whole team is aligned and focused on the same vision.

Communication wizzard

The interim possesses great communication and stakeholder management skills and eloquently handles all stakeholdersas this is essential in achieving trust, effective teamwork, and solid collaborations.

The interim will provide the space and attention to make team members feel at ease. The employees are heard and respected and are consequently more likely to offer their ideas and work together towards the common goal.

The interim is transparent with the team and clear when defining what is expected of the individual team members and what is going to happen – both during the interim period and afterwards.

Stamina to make the right decisions

The experienced interim has the stamina to do right by the company. The ability to make decisions and take on the responsibility comes naturally and from the very first day in the job. The interim is not a one-man or one-woman army but has the skills and competences to make a team flourish and optimize the joint performance.


Conclusively, interim managers navigate any challenges ahead for a company – typically in short-term, specialized positions. They provide a high level of expertise and experience not found within the existing management team – and gets the job done.