Sourcing as the Weakest Link

THE PURSUIT OF TALENT comes with its share of challenges. The ever-changing economic landscape requires new types of competences and coupled with the fact that many companies lack the expertise to source talent effectively, we are facing a problem. These are some of the conclusions in a recent study by Aptitude Research, utilizing data collected between 2022 and 2023.

The study reveals that a substantial 75% of the participating companies expressed dissatisfaction with their current sourcing approach – based on two primary challenges:

Sourcing Diverse Candidates (42% of respondents)

Companies often rely on the same job boards and sourcing channels without giving due consideration to diversity. They rarely track the origins of their hires and consequently gain no insights into the sources of diverse candidates. 

Identifying Passive Candidates (40% of respondents)

Proactivity is lacking when it comes to engaging passive talent and establishing a talent pipeline for the future. Many companies merely wait for candidates to discover their career pages or job postings.

Interim management and collaboration with interim partners who possess extensive experience could be invaluable. With a database of more than 4,000 experienced interim leaders, we stand as a prominent partner. Our influence and impact stem from our personal interactions, recommendations, network searches, and leveraging our extended network connections.

We serve as matchmakers, identifying and connecting the most suitable candidates with specific job roles.

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