Efficient and unique results with an interim HR manager

Without a doubt, the coronavirus has dramatically reshaped the global economy and the labor force as we see it today. Since the virus took off in the start of 2020 to its spread across the world within a couple of months, we have witnessed major changes in the way we work and where we work.

Not only have we seen changes in the way we go about our everyday work, but we have seen shifts in various organizational departments. Similar to the Chief Financial Officer, evolving into a strategic business partner, HR’s responsibility and its importance for the organization is growing, where the Chief Human Resource Officer is becoming a key C-Suite player. Now more than ever are CEOs leaning on their HR departments to ensure that their workforce feel supported, because they are aware of the fact that the future success and sometimes even the survival of their business depends on it.

Free up time with an interim HR manager

In a recent article published by Harvard Business Review on the importance of the HR function in times of the pandemic, states that never has the CHRO and HR department had the amount of responsibility which they are carrying today.

Today, HR leaders are working around the clock, taking unprecedented measures to keep their employees safe and ensure that their organizations survive. They are navigating furloughs, layoffs, and reductions in force. They are adjusting to mass remote work. They are creating business continuity plans, drafting emergency communication procedures, and preventing the spread of germs in the office”

A pressured HR department, however, poses a threat to the whole organization because when the CHROs do not take care of themselves then “innovation, creativity, resilience, empathy, decision making and team building will suffer[1]. This makes it crucial for the HR department to have the support, expertise and resources it needs.

Following these trends, we at Nextt Management witness a growing number of companies reaching out to us for the need for HR managers to assist their HR departments with various tasks. The benefits of hiring an external interim HR manager are many and having a professional HR manager with years of experience allows them to take on many different tasks that can range from implementation of a new HR strategy or system to optimization of workflow or training of employees.

How interim HR managers can adapt to uncertain times

Interim HR managers have a strong HR background with extensive experience from various companies and industries, which allows them to step into the company and provide results from day one.

Having this background and working with companies that have dealt with challenges before, has allowed them to develop key characteristics that make them adapt to uncertain times:

  • Trustworthy advisor: An external interim HR manager comes in with an independent and objective perspective and is able to provide an unbiased view on the organization
  • Motivational leader: An external interim manager has the above ability to motivate, lead and understand people. Since they have no ties with the company, the employees and management does not feel threatened by the interim manager, and hence the manager is able to quickly gain trust among the employees.
  • Strategic mindset: The interim HR manager has a deep understanding of the company’s business model, processes and value drivers, and at the same time with their years of experience from various industries and companies are able to contribute with strategic knowledge about the company’s industry, recruitment, training and organizational adaptation.

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