Interim Head of Transformation to service company

Copenhagen - URGENT

9 months

Interim Head of Transformation to service company

9 months in Copenhagen (URGENT)


The company is a part of a bigger multinational corporation, with more than 850+ employees in the four Nordic countries.

The company is missing an experienced PMO/Project Manager to lead the Nordic transformation team which is part of a large international change program. The purpose of this program is to optimize the company’s work streams and with new IT systems, support these processes. The transformation program consists of 6 tracks: finance, HR, supply chain, technology, data and customer journey.

There is a Nordic Project Manager for each track who will be a part of your transformation team. Currently, two of the tracks have already been started.

Your task will consist of planning and coordinating the resources between the various tracks and ensure progress. You will, in close collaboration with the Nordic director, take part in the management of the change program and participate in the international meetings related to this.

Reference: Nordic Director of Technology and Transformation.

Primary task:

  • Lead the transformation team
  • The overall project planning
  • Resource control/allocation
  • Meetings concerning the planning and frequent status meetings with project managers
  • Steering group meetings
  • Support the project managers and help where it is needed
  • Decision proposals for the international program management


You have previously worked in and managing bigger transformation projects across the Nordics. You have great experience with project management and have good and emphatic leadership skills.



Inquiry regarding this assignment must be addressed to Partner Henrik Kryger on or +45 4010 3230.

If the assignment is of no interest or not within your field of competence, please feel free to pass on to a potential candidate in your network.