Interim Head of Global Marketing – Global automation industry


4-6 months

Interim Head of Global Marketing – Global automation industry 

4-6 months – Funen 

Permanent position available for the right candidate. 


Our client is part of the danish automation technology cluster in Odense. It serves their customers globally, with a complete value chain of production, marketing, sales, and logistics. The capital base is strong, and the company has a clear view on the strategic focus areas in the coming years. The company has a global mindset, and a company culture driven by energy, proactiveness and strong technological capabilities. The growth targets for the coming years are considerable, and the Interim Head of Global marketing (IHGM) play a key role continuing this journey. 

Due to personal issues, key marketing resources has left the company recently, and the (IHGM) will help bridge the gap until a permanent position has been filled. The company has a nonhierarchical structure, with a high degree of self-driven managers and employees. 

To succeed with this task, you must: 

  • Be an experienced marketeer with global mindset and execution skills 
  • Have a systematic approach when setting up a global Marketing framework 
  • Have strong digital skills and knowhow on marketing automation and lead generation to support local marketing initiatives 
  • Be able to produce content and create awareness while serving 3 paths:
    • Internal understanding of the company position, uniqueness etc. Ensuring “One Voice” internally. 
    • A push strategy towards Customers/distributors in terms of digital marketing, traditional marketing etc. 
    • Create a Pull strategy targeting end users/production companies to stimulate demand at distributors in local markets 
  • Ensure “state of the art” reporting on marketing activities, to measure local activities, align focus areas, harvest feedback on activities and key learnings on these. 
  • Take operational charge on marketing activities, leading them Hand-on. Direct management of 2 employees and indirect corporation with 3 local marketing teams and general managers at AMERICAS, EMEA and APAC. 
  • Have a self-driven personality, with a high energy level and a proactive result-oriented mindset. 
  • Refer to business development director and together with him take marketing and sales to the next level 

Geographically based in Odense, working out of the company headquarters on a daily basis. 



Any questions regarding the assignment should be addressed to Partner Kresten Johansen on or +45 8161 4046

If the assignment is of no interest or not within your field of competence, please feel free to pass on to a potential candidate in your network.