The key to a successful Interim Management solution is our understanding of the managerial challenges the individual company is facing. Furthermore, we carefully select the appropriate candidates for the task in agreement with the parties while ensuring confidentiality.


The selection method used by Nextt Interim Management guarantees that only the best candidates are presented to the company. The client can generally choose between at least two different candidates.
Before the candidates are presented to the client, they:

• Have been interviewed and found suitable for the task
• Have been provided with information about the task
• Have declared themselves ready to assume the task at short notice
• Based on our Interim Management network, the entire process takes approximately ten working days – from establishing client contact to the candidate commencing work

Presentation meeting

At the presentation meeting, the client be given the opportunity to interview the candidate in relation to the interim task and the candidate’s personal qualities and to provide further information about the task. The presentation meeting will normally provide the basis for deciding which candidate is best suited to perform the task.
Once the decision has been made, we make sure that all the necessary agreements are in place, and that the candidate takes on the task in accordance with the agreed framework conditions.